Our Team

At Amethyst Octopus, we value integrity and inclusivity in both product and process. We thrive by building great professional relationships and delivering solutions that work well

photograph of A'Shaun Thomas

A'Shaun Thomas is a full-stack web engineer with five years of experience in fortune 500 companies building a range of different tools from design systems to remote development environments. Keen on accessibility and user experience, he leads the team and teaches web development courses in his free time

photograph of Paige Godfrey

Paige Godfrey is a front-end software engineer with a passion for design and user experience. Paige has a background in tech education and is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. They specialize in front end performance optimizations.

photograph of Sammy Au

Sammy Au is a full-stack software engineer with a finance background, with experience in implementing Figma designs and debugging React applications. Sammy enjoys working across the stack, from creating CI/CD pipelines for deployment efficiency to webscraping for data extraction. He strives to bridge finance and technology, aiming to deliver solutions that align with business goals.